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SRL Website Redesign 🎉

Dear friends, we are honored and excited to announce the redesign and launch of the SRL website. With our goal being to educate and inspire, even more information is now available online. The layout of the website has been completely reorganized to allow easier navigation and access to resources. One new feature that you may notice is the addition of a blog; with this, we aim to provide a steady stream of articles to share ministry updates and encourage you, our dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, in your walk of faith.

We marvel at the mercies of the Lord when seeing how far the ministry of SRL has come since its inception. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our Amazing God for your continued prayers for, and support of, this mission; what we do would not be possible without you!

With eager hearts, we look forward to seeing what His plans are for SRL in the months to come. Stay tuned for updates!

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