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2024 February Newsletter


By God’s grace, SRL can secure professors’ visas. Dr. A. Mercado and Dr. J. Fitzpatrick taught in Cuba in January 2024.  Around fifty enthusiastic students in Santiago and Holguin participated. During a blackout, they lit up their cellphones to continue their studies. Many traveled from great distances with the determination to take what they learned back to their towns and churches.


The Association of Evangelical Reformed Churches is comprised of 81 churches, of which 30 are new plants, under full-time pastors. They have a Presbyterian form of government under a Synod. At a Synod meeting, SRL was welcomed and thanked for arriving to Honduras at the right time. The Reformed church there has been losing its orthodox doctrine for lack of pastors’ training and education. If the pastors and their elders register at SRL in two sites, we will have the opportunity to provide theological education to over 200 students. They have dorms for students to use during 30-hour module weeks. The first group already began.

Rev. Saul Barahona wrote: The Fundamentals of the Faith conference and the Book of Romans’ course became vital for our church at this time.

SRL WOMEN’S MINISTRY: The Reformed Churches do not believe that the Bible permits women to be pastors. The question then is—what is the role of women in the Church? Mimi Acosta has taught ladies’ Bible studies in almost every country in Latin America. This past month, she taught in Mexico and in Honduras and clarified the role of women in the church.

Dr. Burt wrote, “In 2019, a stranger told me the remarkable story of a Seminary in Medellin, Colombia. The vision he presented was a perfect opportunity for me to fulfill a dream that I have had to prepare a new generation of pastors. Since being added to the faculty, I have taught 7 courses at 5 sites and am scheduled to teach 5 more in 2024. Why do I do this? It is the students, their hunger for truth, their diligence in studies, their joy in learning; their excitement and eagerness to apply what they learn in their own settings. What a privilege it is for me to invest in SRL when I see their commitment! Why do I go? It is the administration, capable and committed to the task. It is the facilities and commitment to the best resources possible. It is the excellence of everything I have seen in the operation of SRL in the U.S. and in Latin America. It is the vision to bring Reformation Christianity to the Spanish-speaking world. It is to be part of something that will make a difference in the lives of many people for eternity.”


2024 SRL February Newsletter
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