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About Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano

SRL is a Biblical, Historical, and Confessional seminary equipping indigenous servants in their native language to proclaim the doctrines of Grace in Latin America. To the Glory of God, the specific objective of SRL is to flood Latin America and the USA with an army of thousands of pastors who have been biblically, theologically, academically and spiritually equipped in their own language to proclaim the Biblical Gospel with wisdom and knowledge.

Vision and Mission

SRL seeks to train ministers in their native language to flood the American continent with Reformed national pastors and missionaries. SRL aims to promote church reformation through intense theological education and pastoral training, according to the historical legacy of the 16th century evangelical Reformers.

Our History

Dr. Acosta, a candidate for the Roman Catholic priesthood, read the entire Bible in search of Purgatory. Instead, he found justification by faith alone. He enrolled in a Reformed seminary and wrote his dissertation entitled "Roman Catholicism vs. The Holy Bible." In 1998, Dr. James Montgomery Boice, from Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA, encouraged Dr. Noé S. Acosta to go to Colombia to participate in a public debate with bishops and priests. After a successful outcome, he visited "Christian" churches and discovered some heretical doctrines. Dr. Boice exclaimed, “Noé, some pastors are not heretical, just uneducated.” With his motivation, Dr. Acosta founded Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano (SRL) in the USA (currently, it is headquartered in Florida) and began holding courses in Bogotá, Colombia. The seminary began with 12 students. Today, SRL has over 1000 students that attend at its 15+ sites across the Latin American continent.


John Calvin's 16th century Geneva Academy expanded the Reformation by training men from many European countries. SRL copies this model and has become the 21st century Geneva Academy of Latin America. This is why the SRL logo bears the Geneva colors of red and gold.

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