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About Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano

SRL is a Biblical, Historical, and Confessional seminary equipping indigenous servants in their native language to proclaim the doctrines of Grace in Latin America. To the Glory of God, the specific objective of SRL is to flood Latin America and the USA with an army of thousands of pastors who have been biblically, theologically, academically and spiritually equipped in their own language to proclaim the Biblical Gospel with wisdom and knowledge.

Vision and Mission

SRL equips Spanish speakers to expand the Reformation to the Hispanic evangelical church.


SRL promotes church reformation through intense theological education and pastoral training according to the biblical Doctrines of Grace, Reformed confessions, and the legacy of the 16th-century Reformation.

Our Distinctives

SRL Seminary operates with 7 primary distinctives. We are:


The specific purpose of SRL is to train and equip indigenous servants in North America and Latin America as providing them with sound biblical/theological training. This training is provided through annual biblical conferences, which reach a global audience, and formal education through SRL. SRL promotes church reformation in Latin American and the USA through intense theological education and ministerial training, according to the biblical doctrines of grace and the historic legacy of the 16th century evangelical reformers. SRL also promotes the reformation of churches by providing temporary support to individual congregations and other educational initiatives as per Board of Trustees approval.



SRL is unique in that it is a bilingual institution, offering sequential and simultaneous translation and dubbing, that trains pastors and missionaries in the field and has the authorization to offer certificates, undergraduate degrees, and postgraduate degrees. Furthermore, SRL offers several different methods of study: on-campus, modular, hybrid, and a virtual program. In the virtual program and at each site, SRL has assigned site coordinators, professors, and assistant professors to maintain its operational and academic integrity.


Additionally, since a majority of SRL’s students in Latin America come from a Baptistic background, SRL has two separate wings: The Charles Haddon Spurgeon wing (Baptist) and the James Montgomery Boice wing (Presbyterian). Through its Presbyterian wing, SRL is becoming influential in Latin American Presbyterian churches, helping to establish proper presbyteries.


Despite having these two schools, however, SRL accepts all students, Reformed and unreformed, and provides education without proselytization. As students begin to understand and accept Reformed doctrine, this allows a gradual transformation of unreformed churches throughout the continent.



At SRL, women, too, have the ability to earn certificates, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees in fields such as Biblical counseling, which teaches them how to work as counselors, teaches, or evangelists within the regulatory principles of the Bible.



SRL’s approach to recruiting professors is unique in that theologically sound teachers are found at various Reformed conferences and conventions throughout the USA and Latin America. With this, qualified pastors are invited to participate in mission opportunities through SRL (as a parachurch institution) by volunteering time and resources.


Regarding its courses and student engagement, SRL policy is to have assistant professors spend time with students before courses actually begin to prepare them with general knowledge of the course subject by reviewing the syllabus and holding table talks. Equipped with this better understanding, students are able to more efficiently interact with the professor for the duration of the course.



SRL not only promotes academic growth, but it encourages spiritual growth as well through the ministry of site-specific chaplains who are overseen by the head chaplain in the USA, Dr. Del Belcher. SRL provides local chaplains and counseling services. At its campuses and sites, student conduct is frequently monitored and seminary chaplains/counselors who observe students that may be called to ministry provide additional encouragement and guidance. SRL is highly engaged in the spiritual life of students and seeks to help them identify their gifts (teaching, preaching, evangelizing, serving as a missionary, counseling, etc.). These processes establish a relationship between SRL and churches where students pastor/may pastor.



Students are also trained in practical skills through leading devotions, preaching internships/opportunities and, sometimes, when on campus, basic housework skills such as cooking and laundry.


John Calvin's 16th century Geneva Academy expanded the Reformation by training men from many European countries. SRL copies this model and has become the 21st century Geneva Academy of Latin America. This is why the SRL logo bears the Geneva colors of red and gold.

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