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Cuban Churches welcome SRL to Their Country

“Blessings, Dr. Acosta.” These were unexpected words to find written on the cover letter from the Cuban government when they granted Noé his teaching visa welcoming him into their country. And God was only beginning to surprise Noé as he spent the week teaching at the first SRL Reformed Conference in that country.

Noé found Cuba to be a safe and clean country which encouraged educational opportunities and provided great care for visitors and foreign professors. He also discovered a great love for Christ and the Bible among the Cuban Christians.

Dr. Acosta explained: Their love of the Scriptures and their passion for learning are great. I taught up to 7 hours per day for an entire week without feeling fatigued. I taught through the entire book of Romans, Ephesians and the Gospel of John. The interaction, friendly debates and the truth, based on the infallible Bible, cemented strong convictions on the part of the students.

Pastor Alberto Mulet, a pastor from Cuba who was extremely encouraged by attending the conference, shared: Thank you for teaching at SRL in Holguin, Cuba. It gave me a profound understanding and a new direction to my pastoral ministry. As immediate fruit, I began to preach the entire Book of Romans in expository manner in my local church.

Then came the greatest surprise of all. Dr. Acosta was invited to meet with the Cuban Council of Churches in April 2019, in the capital city of Havana, to discuss the possibility of SRL opening permanent seminaries in Cuba. The CCC is the religious organization within Cuba that works with the Cuban government to plan religious programs.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to open four SRL seminary branches in four different Cuban cities.

Dr. Noé and a team of professors will soon be returning to Cuba to continue the work of SRL in that country. But the added seminaries also add additional financial strain on our limited resources. You can make a difference in the lives of Cuban believers. Your prayers and gifts of any size are vital.

Everything we do at SRL centers on teaching and training local pastors in the Biblical doctrines of grace. Every dollar you give goes to fulfill that mission in Cuba and other countries, and we are grateful.

Will you be a part of bringing the Gospel of Grace to the country of Cuba? Will you become a part of our ministry family by supporting SRL work this month?

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