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2021 December Newsletter

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1:14 (NKJV)


There are very few Hispanic Reformed churches throughout the USA due to the lack of trained Reformed pastors who can speak Spanish. By God’s mercy, SRL will open a campus in Houston, Texas, with dormitories that—for now—will house 40 students. Please share this information with prospective students in your congregation or with your friends. Tuition per year is $10,000.00 and includes intensive theological education, room, and board. The church in Houston is also looking for an English-speaking assistant pastor.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hill, faithful SRL contributors, wrote: “The comparative value of giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to fish illustrates the advantage of leveraging one’s gifts to maximize benefits. As Christians we want to be effective stewards. SRL has the goal of using prominent Reformed men to provide quality Biblical training to pastors. The costs are borne by our contributions and the little these pastors can contribute. The pastors return home to shepherd their own congregations with the Gospel, including the Doctrines of Grace. We wholeheartedly believe in and support SRL’s ministry.”


  1. SRL needs $143,000 to pay off the mortgage balance of the Medellín seminary campus. This campus, besides housing students, has become the center of operations for all SRL sites. It is an anchor for the Latin American Reformation. The high interest rate and large payments prevent us from attending to other important projects.

  2. Online program needs: As a result of the October Reformation Convention, which was shared and had an audience of close to half a million, SRL is reaching over 500 hundred online student registrations. It has become crucial for SRL to provide salaries for 15 new assistant professors to mentor these students. In order to manage this blessing, SRL had to purchase a more efficient software platform to handle the growing number of records and operations.

  3. A $25,000 video studio is essential by March 2022 to produce 40 new dubbed theological courses that will fulfill the requirements of the online programs. Professors are ready to record in Medellín, but we are not ready to professionally address this need. This studio also will be used to produce monthly lectures and conventions.

  4. $3,500 per-student scholarships for Medellín and $5,000 partial scholarships for Houston students. Houston must also purchase beds and equipment for dormitories, classrooms, and a library. Please help us. Thank you.

From all of us at SRL, we wish you a blessed commemoration of the greatest miracle: The Incarnation of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

With profound gratitude for your partnership in the Gospel,

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL President


2021 December LOTM
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