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2020 Mid-April Newsletter


Sadly, pastor Saul Diaz and his wife Vivian died in Cuba due to COVID-19. Their son is in the hospital in critical condition. Please pray for their son, their family, his congregation and, in general, for Cuba where, besides the coronavirus crisis, food has become very scarce.

Thank you for your faithful support, especially during these difficult times. Your help is truly a tremendous encouragement to thousands of students, faculty, site coordinators in many countries, staff, Board of Trustees and, personally, to me and Mimi. We are truly very grateful.

I am often meeting with all site coordinators and staff on the field to evaluate the progress of the educational program under the emergency plans. By God’s mercy, all is working better than expected. Many more students are enrolling on the online program and they have become highly motivated to study. Eight professors are scheduled to teach online and, thereby, they will interact with the seminarians.

In Medellin, all students from many countries are in quarantine inside the SRL building. They are doing very well. They are taking intensive courses and are studying very hard. In Guatemala, I virtually taught The Book of Romans. A radio station, Emanuel Stereo, broadcasted the entire conference to all Central America.

All this kingdom success, amid so much sorrow, is happening because of your help. SDG!

We are crying out to God for His mercy.

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL Chancellor – President

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