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An Invitation from SRL's Chancellor

Dear Brothers in Christ,

We are looking for qualified pastors and professors to teach one week at the SRL Seminary in Latin America. Your teaching will be in English with simultaneous translation.  SRL is established in over 23 sites throughout Latin America, and you may request a special site.  The site leader may also ask you to preach at the local church on the Lord’s Day.   

The main objective of SRL is to provide high quality theological education to pastors who have no opportunity for excellent Biblical training.  The goal of SRL is to flood Latin America with well-instructed, national, Reformed pastors who will labor for church reformation under the Doctrines of Grace. SRL has been deemed the Geneva Academy of the XVI Century Reformation in Latin America.

Aware of the tendency for liberal doctrines to creep in, SRL is committed to protecting the purity of the Reformed doctrines by carefully vetting the professors. All professors must adhere to the SRL doctrinal position, which includes the Westminster Confession of Faith or the London Confession of 1689, the historical Doctrines of Grace, namely, TULIP, the     SOLAS of the Reformation, the sovereignty of God, and the ceasing of tongues, new prophesies, and other means of special revelation beyond Sola Scriptura.

SRL operates on a very small budget. That is why short-term missionary professors have become the heart of this mission. Professors donate one week to teach at a seminary site, raising their own funds from their churches and friends. The average travel expense is between $600.00 and $1,000.00.  In this way, SRL has been able to expand the seminary to 20 cities in more than nine countries.  God has graciously sustained this ministry for 24 years! Although SRL cannot pay for professors' airfare and traveling expenses, in some cases SRL will provide lodging, food, and land transportation. Please send the following information by e-mail to

a.    Your Curriculum Vitae
b.    A high quality .jpg picture and signed permission to use your picture and video lessons on the web and in online education.
c.    Your statement of faith.
d.    Courses that you would like to teach.
e.    Signed liability waiver forms.

Kindly share this teaching opportunity with other pastors and churches. After 24 years of SRL, there are now hundreds of Reformed churches already on the field that will welcome your mission teams through SRL.

It is professors like you who are the lifeblood of SRL Seminary. It is your gracious donation of time and efforts that make fulfilling SRL's mission possible.

With profound gratitude in Christ,

Dr. Noè S. Acosta
Founder and Chancellor

Documents to Sign

Affirmation of SRL's Doctrinal Position

Waiver of Release & Liability

Photo & Video Permissions

Questions or concerns?

Please contact us by phone or via the form below.

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