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SRL Honors Valuable Partners and Friends Who Have Participated in This Ministry

SRL honors valuable partners and friends who have participated in this ministry but were not mentioned in the November letter. Please accept our apologies.

Left: William Greendyk. Right: Paul Rowland.

  • The Trinitarian Bible Society – Mr. William Greendyk, Secretary General, has actively participated in five of 7 Latin American Reformed Conventions. TBS Board of Directors, together with Mr. Greendyk and Mr. Paul Rowland, CEO, have provided generous funds to enable thousands of poor pastors to attend the conventions. TBS has sent conference speakers from London, USA, and Argentina, not only to the SRL annual conventions but also to many other conferences in many countries in Latin America. Besides the speakers and the generous contributions, TBS has donated and distributed Bibles and thousands of New Testament translations. In order to conduct all distribution of New Testaments and materials, TBS mobilized teams from Bolivia and other countries to the SRL convention cities. TBS was the engine that motivated Dr. Acosta, Dr. Benitez and William Greendyk himself to go to Venezuela at the most dangerous time to teach a reformed conference to hundreds of pastors. The leaders and hundreds of SRL students in Venezuela claim that this conference was the dawn of the reformation in Venezuela.

  • Editorial Faro de Gracia – Under the leadership of Brother Wayne Anderson – Faro De Gracia has participated in many SRL conventions and donated many materials—over $10,000 in books for the Seminary library in Medellin. Thank you.

  • The Gospel Coalition, and Pastor Eugenio Pinero of Iglesia Reformada de North Bergen, NJ and Editorial Cristianismo Histórico, which through the mediation of Pastor Keith Maddy, from HBC Church of Owensboro, Kentucky, have donated thousands of books for pastors in Latin America. Special thanks to Pastor Maddy who carries thousands of reformed books to donate to poor pastors in the field. Besides the books, Pastor Maddy has blessed many with powerful expositions at the conventions.

  • Thanks to Brother Bob Picerne who participated at the 2016 Medellín Convention and flew his own plane to deliver thousands of books to the pastors in Medellin.

  • Special thanks to Mr. Paul Pennington, president of Hope for Orphans, for participating at the 2016 Medellin convention and for providing lunch for hundreds of pastors who attended that convention.

  • Faith Baptist Church of Orlando. This congregation with the leadership of Pastor Jack Jenkins have provided, free of charge, the campus for the SRL Seminary in Orlando. Not only has this congregation provided the building, but also plenty of encouragement and a tremendous professor, that is, Pastor Jack Jenkins himself. Thank you.

  • Special thanks to The Ruckstuhl Foundation for providing a $55,000 dollar matching grant in 2017. God allowed SRL to meet the match on time.

  • Thanks to hundreds of volunteers and hardworking men and women in South America who have become the infrastructure of this seminary in the field.

  • Thanks to donors, churches, and organizations who faithfully contribute and pray for SRL.

We presume that we had not mentioned a number of dear brothers and sisters who have greatly contributed to this mission. Even if we forgot them in this letter, please be sure that our Heavenly Father never forgets your labors in the expansion of his kingdom through SRL Seminary mission.

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