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GTC is grateful to Hope for Orphans for participating at the VI Latin American Pastors Convention in Medellin, Colombia. Hope for Orphans will provide one lunch for hundreds of pastors who did not have funds for their meals at the convention.

Paul Pennington, president of HFO and his team will present information about this ministry and messages from Pastors Paul David Tripp and Voddie Bucham who have been powerful tools in the hands of God in their advocacy and passion for Godly families. The brothers Paul and Ted Trip are well known for their passion for raising Godly children. Ted Trip’s book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart”, is well known in Latin America and the world.

HOF stated, “We believe that the greatest need of all children, including orphans, is to know the saving and transformational love of Jesus. Attaching to Jesus as sons and daughters redeemed from sin through faith alone and grace alone is our heartbeat. We believe that when the church joins God in loving orphans, the result will be the experiencing of the reality of God.

We believe loving orphans is directly connected to completing the Great Commission and part of taking the Gospel back to Jerusalem.

We believe that God wants to use your church for His glory in caring for orphans both spiritual and physical, but also in serving families called to take at-risk children. We exist to provide you resources, tools and insight to fulfill this mission in your church, your family or small group.

We believe that loving orphans is the Visible Gospel and brings glory to the name above every name. To that end we are about “Serving Every Church to Reach Every Orphan.”

Please click at HFO web:

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