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Finding a Higher Purpose: My Testimony

My name is Alexandra Sánchez Camaras. I am single and was born in Medellín, Antioquia.

I completed my basic studies in Medellín. I studied Financial Administration, a career with a great future and with a capacity to obtain substantial income from work—the future was promising. However, I always felt very empty in terms of putting my profession into practice; I did not understand why, since my career was always on the rise. I moved from one position to another, always with higher salaries, greater responsibilities, and greater challenges. All of them I fulfilled—there was not position in which I didn’t succeed—but the emptiness remained in me.

In 1998, I decided to stop my career in Colombia and go to Ecuador, specifically to Quito, where my older sister lived. I thought that another country would help me find the reason for my emptiness. It was then that, through a friend, I approached Christianity and met the Lord.

In 2016, I decided to retire from all the activity in the financial field. I got involved with a Christian institution that helps those who struggle with various addictions and life styles. It was then the Lord awakened my compassion for people with so much depravity that I felt truly productive. I was very happy to have retired from financial activities, and especially to share closely the reality of people so helpless spiritually. I also dedicated myself to help the people from churches with their personal finances.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I was contacted to get involved in a health institution—what we call an IPS. I was the General Administrator. The salary was more than I expected; the work was the same type that I had always done. Everything was balanced again economically. In the blink of an eye, the Lord replenished my coffers and enabled significant financial stability.

We began to equip the house and I imagined the great impact this ministry would have in preserving life and glorifying the Lord. Simultaneously, my work at the IPS was increasingly steady to the point that in a conversation with my boss, he expressed how pleased he was and that it was his intention to increase my salary. It was at that moment I knew that I had to make a decision; if I accepted the increased salary, I would lose the opportunity to work at the Corporation. I spoke to my pastor and Dr. Noe Acosta, informing them that I couldn’t continue in my current position at the IPS—my heart was pulling me toward the Corporation. I remember telling them “What do I gain by having a full pocket and an empty heart?” I asked Dr. Acosta to have faith and to allow me to make the change; it was difficult to accept since I was lowering my salary by 700% and the Corporation could not provide much of a salary; however, for me, that was not an impediment—there were more important things at stake than money. The Word of the Lord in Matthew 6:26-33 was very clear: God was going to take care of all my needs.

Today, I fully enjoy my life and I rejoice in the profession that the Lord has given me. Before, it seemed to be inefficient from my perspective, but now I know that it is a gift of the Lord to put into action my faith by working with the Corporation. Every person I meet counts—every mother counts, every baby counts, everything counts—and it is a privilege to contribute to this cause for life.

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