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2024 May Newsletter

SRL Conference 2024: The Fullness of Christ

We cordially invite you to attend SRLCon 2024 and fellowship with many believers from all across Latin America. The conference theme will focus on the abundant grace of Christ’s fullness in originating and nourishing the life of the believer. Enjoy the stunning beauty of Medellín, where the conference takes place from July 11-13. Simultaneous translation will be provided. Direct flights and reasonable, high-quality hotels are available. Contact Bill Elshoff at 321-262-5049 for information.


The 25 for 25 Campaign!

Can you believe SRL is marking 25 years of shaping countless lives through teaching the biblical truth in God’s Word? What a testimony to God’s grace! SRL invites you to join the celebration by becoming a monthly contributor of $25…or $250. Your support will expand SRL’s outreach with quality instruction and innovative resources to train leaders in the Gospel for the next 25 years. Will you prayerfully consider this opportunity to make such a lasting impact?

Expanding the Gospel Reach in Venezuela

The SRL Barquisimeto site, led by Pastor Joscar Chirinos, regularly attracts large class sizes, along with dozens of curious observers, to study the profound truths of sovereign grace. A variety of local church leaders attend, often leaving classes questioning their Pentecostal beliefs with some even reforming their congregations. Now SRL embarks on a new initiative to teach “crash courses” in Reformed theology to remote areas previously unreached. This will provide many more believers with the opportunity to experience transformation and ignite reform in their communities. Please pray that the Lord grants even greater fruit in Venezuela for His glory alone!




2024 SRL May Newsletter
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