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2024 April Newsletter

Please reserve October 24, 2024, to celebrate with us at the 25th Anniversary Banquet at the Orlando-Lake Mary Marriott Hotel in Florida. Consider sponsoring a table for a donation of $500 and inviting 10 friends to enjoy a delicious dinner and a delightful event. A donation of $50.00 is requested for individual seats.


BY GOD'S GRACE, SRL HAS COME A LONG WAY! In 1998, Dr. and Mrs. Noé S. Acosta founded Gospel to Colombia, later renamed Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano (SRL). Just a year later, the seminary started in Bogotá with 12 students. Now, SRL serves nearly 900 students in 22 physical sites in 11 nations, and the vibrant virtual program provides over 40 courses to students in 24 countries. This academic year, the Medellín seminary provides room, board, and education to 40 students from different countries. Additionally, over 500 people have participated in the virtual Educa Program. More than 100 volunteer visiting professors have instructed SRL classes in the past 25 years. Thousands of pastors and laypersons have attended annual Reformation Conferences held in 14 countries. The Holy Spirit’s ministry through these efforts has produced many Reformed churches and we see awakening in the Spanish-speaking American Continent.

Although headquartered in Orlando, SRL has established full administrative operations in Medellín, under the responsibility of the President, Dr. Julio Benítez, the Vice-President and Dean, Pastor Alejandro Castiblanco, and the Academic Director, Mr. Luis Alarico. Thirty employees in Medellín manage and serve the seminary, all 22 sites, and the virtual program. Each site has an administrator, an academic coordinator, and assistant professors who help students with learning integration and the grading of term papers and exams. Counting full-time and part-time employees, SRL must provide salaries and stipends for over 50 people plus 7 Latin American professors. SRL is a solidly-rooted tree, branching out into many places, and producing much fruit; it is a well-established organization that, with your help, and under the leadership of a dedicated Board of Trustees, is meeting its mission and financial obligations. With such solid foundations, SRL is committed to serve the Church of Christ through many generations.

By God’s mercy, SRL has a solid future. Please consider investing in SRL by becoming a donor and a monthly ministry partner. What an opportunity to have an everlasting investment in the Kingdom of God!


SRL GOES TO SPAIN AND TO A SPANISH COMMUNITY IN ROME, ITALY. Please pray for Dr. and Mrs. Acosta who, at their own expense, will be traveling through April and May and have arranged meetings with pastors in Rome, Barcelona, and Madrid to explore the possibility of establishing SRL sites in Europe. There will be a meeting in Rome on April 26 and in Barcelona and Madrid from May 6-8.


SRL GRADUATES PLANT CHURCHES. Reynaldo Urdaneta and Agustin Malvarosa are two SRL graduates who are planting a church in Caucasia, Colombia. Reynaldo serves as the missionary and Agustin as a deacon and associate. This new church is part of the project to plant one Reformed church in each of the 125 towns of the state of Antioquia, Colombia.


Mr. Lawrence Moore has faithfully supported SRL for many years. He not only provides financial assistance but lived as a missionary in the SRL Medellín seminary to teach English to the seminarians. He is pictured here with Dr. Julio Benítez, who recently taught Systematic Theology at SRL Orlando. Dr. Benítez visited Mr. Moore and asked, “Why do you support SRL?”

Mr. Moore’s reply was: Because there is power, energy and excitement in SRL. There is the power of the same Jesus who commanded the waters and the wind to be still. Such great power that forced the disciples to say, “What kind of a man is this?” When I saw the SRL map of the American Continent with the sites and churches in so many places, I remember the students from those nations who came to Medellín to learn and take back the Reformation to their own country. I said, “There is no way I cannot not invest in a ministry that is producing so much fruit for the kingdom of God. The power of the Man Jesus is upon SRL.



Dr. Jim Bearss is a professor at SRL Seminary. He traveled to Haiti with On Target Ministries to train Reformed ministers of the Gospel. He, his wife Anna, and two other professors were trapped in Haiti for 10 days. The airport was closed and armed gangs were blocking the way to boats, to the US Embassy, and to the border of the Dominican Republic. Dr. Bearss communicated with Dr. Acosta, requesting prayers. Many, along with the SRL family, prayed and our Heavenly Father answered. Thank you for your prayers, and our gratitude to Representative Cory Mills, who we invited to the SRL banquet. Dr. Bearss wrote:

“We were told that Congressman Cory Mills was bringing a helicopter to rescue us at a secret rescue site. On March 17th, at 10:00 PM, we traveled through the night, violating the curfew, and prepared to board a helicopter at midnight. We received word that the landing site was no longer viable. Two hours later we were given a new landing site with a 5:00 AM rescue scheduled. So again, we traveled through the streets of the city in the dark and arrived at the new site at 4:30 AM. Five o'clock came and went, and no helicopter came; then six o'clock, then seven o'clock, then eight o'clock passed and still no word on the rescue. Finally at nine o'clock we received word that Congressman Mills and the helicopter would be there at 9:20 AM. When we heard the helicopter then saw it landing on the soccer field, our hearts leaped for joy! We scrambled onto the chopper, and it lifted off two minutes later. We were rescued!

We were taken to the Dominican Republic where we booked a flight. When we touched down at Miami International Airport, the joy we felt being safe on US soil was indescribable. Never in our lives had we experienced anything like the providential care of our great God who brought us safely home. It caused me to wonder how much greater joy we would experience once we finally reach our heavenly home where we will be forever with our Lord. Praise God for His enduring love and care for His children.” (Edited with permission.)


2024 SRL April Newsletter
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