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2023 March Newsletter

Since its beginning, SRL has presented the Doctrines of Grace in 85 cities across the Americas to thousands thirsting for Scriptural truth. God continues to bless SRL’s teams to be called to teach in so many cities, which has inspired the establishment of hundreds of Reformed churches. SRL receives continuous requests from many cities and towns in various countries to provide sound theological education. A map at the bottom of this letter provides details of SRL’s numerous sites, as well as cities where SRL has taught the Gospel of Grace through sermons, courses, conferences, and conventions. God’s transforming work in the Latin world encourages and empowers SRL with joy to continue in its mission. Your prayers and financial support make it possible for SRL to meet the costs of the flights, ground transportation, hotels, and living expenses involved to bring the light of Truth to so many seeking to cast away the darkness of false doctrines. As God continues to bless this part of His world with more educational and gospel opportunities, SRL requests your continued support to maintain those sites and centers throughout Latin America, especially in difficult-to-reach areas. Would you kindly consider becoming a monthly ministry partner?

In Venezuela, SRL graduate Pastor Lemuel Soto is undertaking an extraordinary task of planting Reformed churches in the most remote areas along the borders of Brazil and Guyana. Pastor Soto’s mission includes visiting Charismatic and Arminian churches to awaken and encourage their embrace of the Doctrines of Grace. He has sparked these pastors’ interest in the Reformation and has invited other Venezuelan Reformed pastors to help organize Reformed conferences. Recently, Pastor Soto successfully planted a Reformed Church in Venezuela which is experiencing a 70% growth since forming.

We enjoyed a recent opportunity to meet with Pastor Jatniel Pérez whom God has mightily used to labor for the Reformation in Cuba. Pastor Pérez shared his vision how SRL could effectively function in Cuba. He proposes to establish an SRL CUBA Seminary in Havana which will partner with SRL USA. That center has space to provide education for up to 50 seminarians. Selected students already have taken advanced theological courses, have the ability to teach, and will instruct other groups in their regions. It is an exciting blessing to announce that God brings SRL numerous teaching opportunities this year in several countries in Central America, as well as, in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and Cuba. Qualified pastors and professors who would like to teach may contact me at or 386-275-3560. Please pray for the professors and missionaries who, as of this writing, are laboring this month in different countries in Latin America. To name a few, they are: Dr. Galardi, Dr. Fitzpatrick, Dr. Belcher, Pr. Theobald, Dr. Smith, Dr. Parsons, Dr. Horne, Dr. Bowlin, Dr. Bakerink, Dr. and Mrs. Acosta, and others. Your contributions, especially this month, are much needed for the sake of God’s Kingdom and His Glory.

Greetings in Christ,

Rebecca Cook

Executive Administrative Assistant


2023 SRL March Newsletter
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