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2023 July Newsletter


Pastor Jeremías González, a 2017 SRL graduate from Bolivia, distinguished himself as a diligent student and hardworking servant in various churches in Medellin. La Gracia de Dios Church in Medellin sent him as a missionary to Guadalajara, Mexico, where, by God’s grace and the support of SRL, he transformed a church of a dozen members into a vibrant Reformed church of 100 believers. He faithfully applied the theology he learned to pastoral practice. Pastor González is the SRL Coordinator in Mexico and leads a small network of local leaders planting a Reformed church in Aguascalientes. He is also pursuing another church plant in the city of Puebla. Please pray for this young pastor as he leads his growing congregation.

Visiting professors generously volunteer to teach a week-long course at SRL locations throughout the Americas. Dr. Joseph Fitzpatrick, a graduate from Westminster Seminary and part of MTW’s Global Theological Education team, has taught nearly 20 courses to hundreds of SRL students in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Colombia. Dr. Fitzpatrick enjoys witnessing the seminarians’ birth into the doctrines of grace as they see the story of redemption in his Old Testament classes. They demonstrate their intrinsic desire to study in preparation for service to the church in Latin America.


SRL Reformation Conference 2023—Medellin – The attributes of God

The SRLCon 2023 in Medellin was a testimony to the power and grace of God who is drawing people from all nations to Himself. People from 11 countries attended the sold-out event where 18 lectures were presented over three days. We are grateful to twelve faithful expositors who participated, namely, from left to right: Pr. Gómez, Dr. Acosta, Dr. Benitez, Dr. Michelén, Dr. Parsons, Dr. Lillback, and Pr. Castiblanco. Next year’s conference will take place from July 11-14, 2024.


SRL and Wrath & Grace Conference, San Diego

Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dr. Noé S. Acosta, and Dr. Julio Benítez, president of SRL LatAm, joined others to present the theme of Worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. Dr. Baucham and Dr. Acosta met for a lively conversation that will be featured in an upcoming SRL podcast. Dr. Baucham indicated how small the world has become as he (in Africa) and Dr. Acosta (in South America) have joined efforts to spread the Gospel. He said he is eager to come to South America with SRL in 2025.


SRL’s Newest Class Site

By God's grace and His good pleasure, SRL has established the latest site in Southern California. Our Lord works in mysterious and delightful ways. SRL sites usually operate in churches or academic institutions, but our newest site meets at the Cool Down Coffee House in Chula Vista. The proprietors are devoted Reformed Christians who operate the coffee house dedicated to promoting the Gospel to the many who come in. The coffee house is generously offered to SRL to be used after hours as a classroom to teach its inaugural classes of 22 students who are eager to learn sound doctrine.


These summer months have been lean. SRL needs your help. Our vision to train more workers to bring the light to the millions living in spiritual darkness is costly. Would you consider making a generous donation to this ministry today? We understand that you experience the impact of rising costs. Our expenses in maintaining an international ministry and seminary grow daily, and we depend on ministry friends like you to make our mission possible. Please give as generously as you can. We are grateful for your commitment and your prayers for the health and faithfulness of this ministry and its workers.

Sincerely in Christ,

William Elshoff

SRL Director of Development


2023 SRL July Newsletter
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