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2023 February Newsletter


As the Reformation advances across Latin America, the time has come to labor for church revitalization in those nations that are further south, namely Chile and Argentina. The planting of SRL sites in those countries has motivated people to learn more about what the Doctrines of Grace are and, thus, turning the continent upside-down. Dr. Burk Parsons, senior pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel, will join Dr. Belcher, Dr. Acosta and Pastor Theobald in Chile this year from March 9-13. The theme of the conference is “Living Out the Reformation Doctrines.” Dr. Parsons will also meet with pastors in Chile to discuss church revitalization and transition into Reformed congregations. SRL is grateful to Saint Andrew’s Chapel for such active involvement in the 21st Century Reformation in the Hispanic world.

The Convention in Argentina will take place from March 2-5, 2023. Dr. Richard Smith, a missionary in Buenos Aires, will join Dr. Belcher and Dr. Acosta as a guest speaker at this event. Pastor David Theobald, Dr. Belcher, and Dr. Acosta will teach SRL courses during the weeks before and after the conventions in Chile and Argentina. Mimi Acosta will present women’s conferences in both countries. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use these intense teachings to bring God’s sheep home. Pray, also, for travel safety and endurance. Some members of the team will be traveling more than 20 hours each way and will be serving for SRL from February 24-March 13, 2023.


Pastor Noel Castro received his master’s degree from SRL two years ago. His high grades earned him status as valedictorian. He returned to his hometown, near Bucaramanga, and planted a Reformed church in his apartment, having no resources to rent a meeting place. He faithfully engaged in expository preaching under Reformed theological doctrine.

The church outgrew the apartment, but still there were insufficient funds for rent. SRL is stepping out in faith to provide $300.00 per month to assist with rent for one year. The church found a venue in town and we are trusting God to provide the money needed to fund this exciting project.

Please help SRL walk through the great doors of opportunities that have been opened in Argentina and Chile. For ten years, we have tried to penetrate Argentina with the gospel without much success. Now, both nations are calling upon SRL, not only to provide education, but to send expert church planters and helpers to revitalize their presbyteries.


Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, is looking for a missionary assistant pastor to preach and help with members who are more proficient in English. The missionary must raise part of his own support.

Also, SRL is looking for a Director of Development to help increase revenue. The expenses of operations have increased in proportion to the tremendous growth of the ministry. A Reformed Christian who is interested, kindly write and send inquiries and curriculum vitae to Candidates do not need to speak Spanish.


And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?

Romans 10:14b -15a (NKJV)


Sincerely in Christ the Lord,

Rebecca Cook, Executive Administrative Assistant


2023 SRL February Newsletter
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