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2023 August Newsletter

For they gave according to their means, I can testify, and beyond their means, of their own free will, begging us earnestly for the favor of taking part in the relief of the saints.

2 Corinthians 8: 3-4 (ESV)

Sweet Friends, may you be comforted with the strength of Scripture that encourages each of us to provide for the Kingdom of God on this earth. Paul was thankful for the blessing of receiving donations from the afflicted and impoverished churches in Macedonia. May the Holy Spirit move you to give a monthly gift to SRL—as you are able. Your regular, consistent donations allow SRL to do the will of God in bringing His people to the exquisite Doctrines of Grace by training ministers who are planting hundreds of churches in many countries, and literally, are reforming a continent. With such a small income, the fruits of this ministry have been overwhelmingly incalculable. The main fruit is the large number of Reformed churches all over LATAM. Donate online at

The Lord has led SRL alumnus Markos Fehr on a remarkable journey of faith across five countries. Markos was born in Paraguay and came to know the Gospel of Grace ten years ago through online ministries. He felt a call to serve as a missionary in a 10-40 Window nation, where he witnessed the power of God among the unreached. There, he also realized his need for a solid foundation in the Word of God and registered to study at SRL in Medellin. Markos’ time in Medellín was a precious opportunity to live life with fellow brothers and to study under faithful teachers. He credits that the rigorous training received at SRL prepared him for the Master of Divinity program he is pursuing and excelling in at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Michigan. This summer, Markos is serving as a church intern in Vancouver, Canada, where his unique international background opens doors to share the Gospel with many Ukrainian and Iranian refugees.

Eliezer Rafezca (Venezuela), Luis Alarico (Perú), Jose Rojas (Spain), Samuel Nahum (Venezuela), and Rafael Gómez (Dominican Republic), advanced SRL students in Medellín, have demonstrated great pastoral abilities, commitment to the Lord, sound doctrine, and gifts of teaching and preaching. Under the care of a plurality of pastors, these students are participating as itinerate preachers and missionaries in seven new churches which are in the Reformation process. These students travel every weekend to the towns of Caldas, Santa Fe, Puerto Boyacá, Quibdó, Yarumal, plus two new churches in Medellín. They teach the confession of faith, preach, and disciple new believers.

Pastor Lemuel Soto, SRL alumnus, is turning Venezuela upside-down with the Doctrines of Grace. Click this link to listen to his testimony:

Pastor John Sandoval, a prominent Colombian Presbyterian pastor, SRL teacher, and missionary, is conducting a series of ecclesiology lessons and conferences to the Presbyterian pastors and churches in South America, especially in Chile. SRL is promoting a retreat for all the presbyteries of different denominations to stretch relationships, grow in the knowledge of polity and ecclesiology, and support each other in the three forms of unity and profound awareness of the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Catechisms, and doctrinal standards. Dr. Del Belcher is already scheduled to conduct related workshops for a presbytery in Cartagena.

Also, a large number of Reformed Confessional Baptist Churches, under the leadership of pastors from different countries who have a deep knowledge of Reformed theology, have well established churches and are deeply committed to the purity of the church, are working together to create an association or organization. It will promote mutual cooperation and accountability for the preservation of sound doctrine and faithfulness to the Scriptures guided by the historical 1689 London Confession of Faith.

SRL initiated a prolife center, Adonai Life and Dignity, to prevent abortions and preserve the lives of unborn babies and their mothers. In the last 18 months, 30 babies were spared from death. In July, we were blessed to host in Medellín Andrea Krazeise, Founder/CEO of The Pregnancy Center of Sanford, Florida, and her Director, Ruth Linares. Andrea and Ruth gave several conferences to the leaders of this center, pastors, church leaders, and groups of high school youths. They also provided training to volunteers and recorded practical messages which will be aired in Spanish media platforms. As SRL turns over this ministry completely to the Adonai organization, God touched the hearts of John and Lynn Cook, who also participated in Medellin, to lead this ministry in the USA as they form a new Board of Trustees and incorporate Adonai independently from SRL. Learn more about this ministry by watching these interviews:

The Adonai Pro-Vida Center in Medellín, which is under a Medellín Board of Trustees, whose chairman is Pastor Oscar Gómez, is dynamically directed by Alexandra Sánchez, a lady with valuable organization and speaking skills, who is deeply committed to the propagation of the Gospel through this mission. To generate immediate needed funds for Adonai, she created a “boutique” of fine donated clothing from the USA for resale.

SRL welcomes the participation of Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS) in the expansion of the 21st Century Reformation in Latin America. It is a tremendous joy to see the active role of such a prestigious seminary which has a legacy of almost 100 years of existence, and, to the Glory of God, the Alma Mater of a large number of most distinguished theologians of the 20th and 21st centuries. Here is a podcast with Dr. Peter Lillback, Chancellor and President of WTS, which was filmed in the studio of SRL Seminary in Medellín, Colombia:

As we begin to prepare the SRL budget for 2024, we fully realize that this mission needs a minimum of $1,000,000.00 (USA) in order to move forward, and, by God’s grace, maintain so many Kingdom blessings and opportunities. Please pray that God will direct some of His children (like those in Macedonia) who could donate, maybe, $100,000.00. What encouragement that would be! Any monthly contribution is a gift from God through you. Thank you!

With Love and Joy in Christ,

Mimi Acosta


2023 SRL August Newsletter
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