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2022 November Newsletter


A few years ago, we [the Acostas] were asked to leave a board meeting because of a matter related to us that the BOT needed to discuss. Later on, we found out the reason why they wanted us out of the meeting room. A contributor wanted to donate for a much-needed SRL library and had insisted that the library be named The Acosta Library. We felt uncomfortable about this, but we also knew that the library was essential. Time passed by, the pandemic came, and we forgot all about it. However, this year, during our most recent visit to Medellín, we were invited to do the ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate a magnificent library with a plaque that read The Acosta Library. We were completely surprised but followed the ceremony protocol, ensuring to point out that such an honor belongs only to God. Our joy was mixed with a sense of sadness. We knew that something was wrong but did not fully know how to react without offending people and quenching the enthusiasm.

Last month, a brother met with me for a cup of coffee. I did not know that God had appointed him to help us resolve this matter. After three hours of fellowship, he gave me a book but gently asked me not to place it in The Acosta Library. I read his facial expression and stated that he was right—the book should not be placed in that library due to its name. We conversed about it and became deeply convicted that we must never take any part of the glory that belongs to God. God should be exalted and us diminished. We must not forget our first love; we must love Jesus more than the mission. His is the Name above all names. Thus, it was decided; the new name would be The Soli Deo Gloria Library. However, we needed permission from the contributor. If he did not agree, law required SRL to refund his money. Without hesitation, this gracious brother said that he would refund the funds. Thankfully, there was no need for that as the library’s contributor gladly agreed to honor God more than us. We thank God for using our brother to open our eyes, for the love and generosity of the contributor, and for all of you for your forgiveness.


By God’s mercy, millions heard the doctrines of grace and became aware of the forces of evil which try to—but will not—prevail against HIS church. SRL thanks the speakers, interpreters, volunteers, many Christian organizations, and seminaries who participated. Many churches gathered to listen to the speakers and thousands of questions were received from the audience. The convention, broadcasted on 25 platforms, has reached, so far, over 5 million individuals. We thank God for the extraordinary technical team heroes in Medellín who put together the convention and helped turn Latin America upside down with the Reformation Doctrines.

Please pray for me, Mimi, and the team who will be teaching in Nicaragua from October 24 to November 4, 2022.

Also, kindly consider a special Thanksgiving gift to SRL. We need to support over 20 sites all the way from the USA and Mexico to Argentina. By God’s design, your monthly contributions are helping to bring His Kingdom to LATAM.

Your servant in Christ,

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL Chancellor


2022 SRL November Newsletter
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