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2022 June Newsletter


The main objective is to create a faculty of qualified, national professors who will be able to teach others in their own countries and keep SRL’s ministry alive. English-speaking candidates are also participating as they enjoy their teaching here and on the mission field. We are grateful to Dr. Del Belcher who taught the first course at the brand-new filming studio in Medellín with in-person and Zoom attendees. The course is now available in Spanish or English to any new candidates who would like to apply. Please read the following testimonies:

Pastor Mercado wrote: “The clarity of the instruction given by Dr. Belcher demonstrated to us the need to carefully plan our doctoral dissertations in such a way that it will serve the future teaching programs of SRL to the benefit of the church in Latin America. Our time with fellow candidates from many nations encouraged us and made us feel the unity in the Spirit, all saved by grace in Jesus with the same mission as citizens of just one country, Heaven.”

Pastor Cruz from Bolivia said: “This first course gave me focus and direction. Before the course, I was concerned about getting the necessary assistance from professors and advisors.

Pastor Castiblanco wrote: “We thank God for Dr. Acosta and his labors to have this live doctoral program. These courses and personal interactions with professors and other candidates are really academic and spiritual blessings.”

Pastor Benítez wrote: “This course provided a time for extraordinary communion and the beginning of a profound cooperation amongst key individuals from different countries that will continue to grow in the future.”


SRL is now fanning the Reformation fire in Central America in a gigantic manner. After this convention, we are praying for many new students. Dr. Acosta traveled through many cities teaching pastors, and Mimi conducted two well-attended ladies’ Bible studies. On two occasions, Mimi taught a larger number than her husband—inviting a humorous reference to Saul’s thousand and David’s ten thousand! God brought together great numbers of pastors who lack basic knowledge of the Gospel and the Bible, for example, the basic doctrines of the humanity and the divinity of Christ were in question. The convention venue was full to capacity. Many individuals not only heard the doctrines of grace for the first time, but also acquired the basic tenets of the Gospel.

Pastors came from several countries across Central America. Some traveled by bus up to 30 hours to be there. Poor pastors, who are bi-vocational and survive by selling cookies and trinkets on the streets, invested their few resources to attend the convention. We thank Ligonier for providing hundreds of copies of Reformation Study Bibles in Spanish and of Dr. Sproul’s theological books. By God’s grace, SRL students have established a few Reformed churches. Pastor Javier Domínguez, previously a prosperity gospel pastor and now an SRL doctoral candidate, has planted a successful Reformed church that already has over 1300 members. SRL has two sites in El Salvador and is in the process of establishing sites in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We implore God’s help for the sake of His glory!


SRL is grateful to professors who are traveling to all these countries. We are especially thankful for Dr. Belcher, a Reformation champion in Latin America, who, after traveling to Mexico and several cities in Colombia, will be heading to Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina this month to teach more courses. In Mexico, Dr. Belcher attended an ordination service in Guadalajara, where an SRL graduate became a pastor. He also taught Reformed Theology in a high school there. In Chile, Dr. Belcher will participate in the inauguration of the new church. A supporter of SRL pledged to contribute towards the cost of one year’s rent of the church building in Chile.


Pastor Isaías Martínez wrote: “This SRL mission took place in the smallest country in Central America but had a great impact in all the surrounding nations. Dr. Acosta literally traveled around the country giving 13 lectures to over 900 people, mainly pastors. Besides the large group who attended the convention, 1350 participated online. We know that God used many brethren who prayed during this entire mission trip and provided donors who helped us to attain the objectives. We thank the conference speakers, many volunteers, and especially the Acostas. God continues to use them to take the Reformation to South America and now to Central America. To God alone be the glory!”

The main speakers were invited to dinner after the convention ended. Thanks to the gracious hosts and to Mr. Bill Greendyk, Mimi, Dr. Noé Acosta, Dr. Julio Benítez, Pastor Javier Domínguez, Pastor Isaías Martínez, Pastor Job Díaz, and Pastor Sugel Michelén for their presentation of the Doctrines of Grace. Our gratitude to TBS for sending hundreds of copies of the New Testament.

Pastor Javier Domínguez wrote: “This convention greatly ministered to the body of Christ. It motivated the gathering of pastors and teachers of the Word as disciples themselves to learn and strengthen their ministerial walk under the Reformed doctrines. The convention demonstrated the great need to pursue sound Biblical and theological education in El Salvador. SRL has a tremendous potential to provide for this need. An annual convention will be a blessing.”


Remember to mark your calendars! It will take place at the Orlando-Lake Mary Marriott Hotel, located at 1501 International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL 32746. RSVP here:

Kindly share this letter with relatives, friends and churches. SRL needs financial help and more visiting professors.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rebecca Cook

SRL Executive Administrative Assistant


2022 SRL June LOTM
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