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2022 February Newsletter


La Gracia de Dios Church, the largest Reformed church in Colombia, has engaged in an ambitious, glorious project. They are planning to plant one Reformed church in each municipality of the Antioquia (Antioch) Department. There are 125 municipalities, and the desire is to have a church in each town. Under the leadership of the pastors, elders, and deacons, this church has already successfully planted seven churches in seven towns. This project is a sample of the tangible fruit of SRL’s training program. La Gracia de Dios Church and the new local congregation will provide $3000.00 of the $5,000.00 that it will cost to support a new church for the first year. Below are photos of new churches.

La Gracia de Dios Church has invested years in the training of future pastors, many of them graduates of SRL. These future pastors were tested in their service to the church and trained by the pastors themselves in their own “School of Preachers.” The church leadership is confident that there are a good number of trained men to serve as pastors and elders in the new churches. Dr. Julio Benítez, one of the pastors, and president of SRL LATAM, wrote: “SRL Seminary has been the instrument in the hands of God to build an army of well-trained and pious young men of God, who have demonstrated to have the marks of a Reformed pastor and missionary. Part of the vision is to develop church planters who will use those new churches to help the birth of other Reformed churches in the entire country. This project can become a master plan to be duplicated in other countries across Latin America. I pray that God will bless this project with contributors that will invest in this glorious kingdom enterprise.” There are two donors who, besides their regular contributions to SRL, have already committed to help two new churches for one year.


This was the first course taught this year at the SRL Houston Campus in January. The course was well attended by registered students, plus people who are interested in learning more about SRL and Reformed theology. The first Spanish Reformed church in Houston, where SRL’s campus operates, is growing. Last Sunday, 10 individuals became members, while 18 more are waiting to be received as members after they complete six weeks of discipleship classes.

Kindly share about this great ministry with friends, churches, and family. We pray that God will lead you to become a regular contributing partner.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL Founder and President


2022 February LOTM
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