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2021 April Newsletter

Pastor Wilson Otero, an SRL student in Santa Marta, Colombia, was received into the glory of God after a terrible attack of COVID-19. Last year, a donor in the USA found him in one of the poorest neighborhoods and provided him with a student scholarship. SRL immediately designed a program of study and assigned a mentor to him. His preaching improved and his congregation began to grow. SRL, through the mentoring church, is now sending a graduate as a missionary to his newly planted church. We need to provide for this full-time missionary who agreed to go to this extremely poor neighborhood, live there, serve the people of God, and begin to raise funds to purchase a small lot and build a modest church building. Please pray for this suffering church family. “And your descendants will inherit the nations.” Is.54:3b (NKJV).

Please pray also for Pastor Leonel Ortiz who is waiting for his vocal cord surgery. Pastor Ortiz serves as the moderator of the Presbytery and was instrumental in the planting of over 37 churches. He has a successful radio program near the southeastern jungle of Colombia.

Jeremías González, an SRL graduate, planted a Reformed Baptist church in Guadalajara, Mexico. He also serves as the SRL site coordinator in that city. This missionary was sent by La Gracia de Dios Church in Medellín. La Gracia de Dios Church has also planted two more Reformed Baptist churches and is in the process of planting more. Several churches in Medellín, under the influence of SRL, have become Reformed. With the help of MTW, a new PCA church was planted, and it meets at the SRL building.

Board Member and Professor, Gary Carter, experienced a glorious moment during his teaching time in Bolivia. On a tour of the Andes, from the heights of the mountains, he was shown many towns where Reformed Churches were planted by SRL graduates. With tears of gratitude, he thanks God for allowing him to see the fruits of SRL’s contributors’ investments. Not unto us, O Lord, but to your name be the glory!

Today I received a list of sixty-two names of individuals who applied this month to study at SRL in Cumaná City, Venezuela. This will be a new SRL branch. Besides sending teachers, we need to provide them with some computers and USB memory sticks because they do not have internet services. People steal the internet wires of entire neighborhoods and cities in order to purchase food. As a former candidate for Roman Catholic priesthood, I will be teaching—in English, via Zoom—how to evangelize Roman Catholics with love, compassion, respect and knowledge of the gospel and Roman Catholic doctrines. Beginning April 20, 2021, at 6 PM EST, these lessons will be held on 6 consecutive Tuesdays. Here is the link:

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL Chancellor


2021 April LOTM
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