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2020 June Newsletter

By God’s mercy and through gracious contributions, SRL is able to help the extremely poor who must take turns to eat one meal per day per family. Contributions were recently sent to Cuba and Venezuela where they were able to purchase a small pig and divide it between 34 families, along with some rice, beans and green bananas, all of which should last for a few weeks. They sent us a note of gratitude and pictures, as seen below. Besides food, SRL students also received Theological courses in USB memories that will allow them to continue their education without internet during this crisis.

More students have registered throughout Latin America and are studying courses online, virtually meeting with professors for Q&A sessions. By using Zoom and Facebook, some of our professors have interacted with over a thousand students. Dr. Steven Lawson spoke to 500 by Zoom and hundreds of others through Facebook. Pastor Sugel Michelen spoke to over 6000 on May 29th. Because of this success, SRL has started a new program called Theological Lectures to Latin America that occurs twice a month. Distinguished professors are already scheduled, covering almost the entire year. What a way to reach the entire continent with the Gospel of Grace!

Brother Dario Atti, Pastor of Chiesa Reformata Soli Deo Gloria in Italy, has died of Covid-19. This church is the only reformed church in the region of Abruzzi by the Adriatic Sea. Last year Mimi and I spent time with that congregation and its leadership to discuss the possibility of an SRL site in Italy. The coronavirus has greatly affected Italy, this small church and their finances. We pray that SRL will be able to help. Nothing is too much for our omnipotent God. Our prayers are with our brethren of SDG Church.

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL President


2020 June LOTM
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