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2020 July Newsletter

By God’s grace, SRL is truly bringing the reformation to the entire American Continent. Because of the current crisis, SRL professors began to teach virtual courses that allow for student interaction. As a result of virtual courses, over 150 students requested registration for the online programs and a good number registered at the SRL sites.

Last month, I taught the Book of Romans for 8 days. Besides the Zoom and Facebook attendance, 4,920 more joined the course by YouTube. SRL now has reached over 17,000 subscribers, which includes students from every SRL site from the U.S. to Argentina as well as many pastors and other visitors. After every session, time was given for Q&A and students submitted questions via chat, e-mail, or directly. The course on Romans truly became a reformed evangelistic outreach as the questions evidenced the newness of the Doctrine of Grace—even being highly revolutionary—for many! We were joyfully surprised as to how favorably the great majority received these doctrines.

However, one person strongly reacted to the Doctrine of Predestination by saying, “That kind of a God is not my God!” I gently responded, indicating that the “god” that we prefer is the one that we create in our image—which is not the God of the Bible. I reminded him that the God of the Bible is an independent sovereign God who is beyond our comprehension because we are creatures—His creation. The God of the Bible is the Creator and Sustainer of all and everything. Since He governs the macro and micro cosmos—including every cell within us, every heartbeat and breath—why should He not be sovereign over our salvation? If we deny the Doctrine of Predestination, we need to deny the Bible, or tear out of it hundreds of pages that affirm such a doctrine. I completed my response by saying that, if we get angry at God’s sovereign free will to save some, we should direct our anger at Him for sacrificing His Son and discharging His wrath and judgment upon the only innocent One—pure, perfect and holy—doing that just to save His people from their sins! I read Rom. 9:20-23 and I prayed the doxology of Rom.11:33-36 (see above picture). The person responded, What a great God we have!

Click the button below to visit the Romans course on YouTube. The course is in Español.


We are making plans to have a virtual banquet with Dr. Steven Lawson and online participation of contributors, students, field personnel and professors. We will enjoy video mission reports. More information will be sent soon.


Over a dozen candidates have requested the program and are expected to apply. These men will be the future national SRL professors. We thank professors who eagerly offered to be advisors and mentors of doctoral candidates. Master’s Programs and Biblical studies in English are available online, including arrangements for interaction with professors.

Your partnership in the training of gospel ministers and evangelization opportunities is very much appreciated. Besides providing quality Theological education to thousands, SRL is also sending funds received to feed hungry poor students, churches, and families in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Salvador and even Colombia. Thank you for your mercy. At the Medellin SRL site, about 50 men have been in quarantine inside the building for months. They study most of the time.

With profound gratitude, greetings in Christ,

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL President


2020 July LOTM
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