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2020 January Newsletter

Dr. Garner will also be giving a conference on Sons in the Son, his latest book. Please make your reservations soon. What an opportunity to visit modern, beautiful Medellin, the Monte Carlo of the Andes! See SRL campus and encourage hundreds of native pastors from many countries who are bringing the Reformation to Latin America. Medellín is about 3.5 hours from Miami. Happy to help!

WESTMINSTER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY (EAST) HOLDS SYMPOSIUM AT SRL IN MEDELLIN On May 12, 2020, Dr. Peter Lillback, WTS president, and Dr. David Garner, WTS Academic Dean, will head the second WTS Latin American Theological Education Symposium at SRL in Medellin. WTS is bringing theological educational leaders from many countries to this 2nd L.A.T.E. Symposium.

THE REFORMATION FIRE STRONGLY CONTINUES TO BURN IN LATIN AMERICA Because of your partnership with SRL, God is sending us into new remote territories in 2020: Chile, Salvador, Guatemala and Amazon regions. In March and April, Mimi and I will go with other professors to some of these countries. Mimi will teach ladies and demonstrate the Biblical mission of women in the church. Evangelistic success continues in Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia!

Please invest in SRL. This is hard ministry–yet we joyfully go and send professors, but we need funds. Do bless us with your resources to bring the glory of the Lord Jesus to the nations. I Chr.16:24.

For 20 years, Mimi and I have labored in this ministry without salary. All donations go to SRL. We pray that God moves your heart to support this ministry on a monthly basis. Any amount will help.

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, President-Chancellor


2020 January LOTM
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