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2019 July Newsletter

SRL is celebrating 20 years of service in Latin America. We have been called by God to train pastors to spread the fire of Reformation to their home countries. Will you please celebrate with us by donating to SRL today? Your gift of any amount will allow SRL to continue training pastors. Please donate today.

We Thank These Professors Who Taught This Past June in Different SRL Sites and Countries

Venezuelan Students Thank Contributors For Their Full Scholarships to SRL

Miguel Orlando Soto. I give thanks to the Lord for 2 benefactors who gave 6 full scholarships for Venezuelan students. This gave me the privilege to study in this prestigious SRL Seminary. My goal is to fulfill all my responsibilities, graduate and return to Venezuela to serve in the ministry and plant reformed churches. I could not be here without your help. Thank you.

Rubén Josué Montilla. I want to manifest my greatest act of gratitude to the contributor who supported me with a full SRL scholarship which includes room, board, education and even some clothing. My heart’s goal, regardless of the sad circumstances in my country, is to serve as a minister of the gospel in my local church “Iglesia Bíblica Columna y Baluarte de la Verdad” in Maracay, Venezuela.

Alejandro Mirabal. God is giving me the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of theology and His Word taught by distinguished and godly professors. I am one of the beneficiaries of your kindness by giving me a full scholarship to SRL. Without your help I could have never been here, because I have nothing and no money to pay for this great education. When I go back to Barquisimeto, God willing, I will preach with all my heart and I will pray for you who made it possible for me to receive this great training.

Pastor Nestor Juarez Aular. You, by God’s mercy, gave me the opportunity to study at SRL Seminary. Thank you to a faithful couple in the USA who provided the scholarship. All of this learning will result in better exercising my Pastoral Ministry in my local church in Venezuela. This does not only bring personal benefits to me, but also to the members of my church, and to the SRL site in Barquisimeto by teaching there what I have learned from faithful teachers.

The Reformation Explosion In Bolivia Is A Real Miracle

First of all, thank you for your prayers for Dr. Acosta’s health. After an apparent recovery from illness, his doctor authorized him to go to minister in Bolivia where he reorganized SRL there, taught two courses, preached and presided over the SRL graduation ceremony. Obviously, after an intense year of ministry and 28 plane flights to different countries, his defenses were low causing a relapse. By God’s mercy, he is under medical care, resting and doing well.

Noé, by God’s grace, is giving his life and his own resources to SRL. It would be a great encouragement to Noé if you could financially contribute to this ministry. The Summer months place SRL in greater need. Please help!

SRL Bolivian Report

Because of the countries surrounding Bolivia, SRL attracts students from Brazil, Paraguay, Perú, Chile and Argentina. Bolivia is attractive to neighboring countries because the cost of living is extremely inexpensive.

For such a large number of students, we need a larger campus and resources which only cost $2,000.00 per month.

SRL is flooding that country with reformed evangelists and pastors who are planting churches and teaching others.

Special thanks to Pastor W. Hesterberg and his ITEM teaching team for their help in Bolivia.

Cochabamba SRL Graduation Ceremony

Evening course – More space is needed

Part of the Cochabamba team headed by Pastor Mateo (right)

Cochabamba Graduation

Cochabamba in a Valley of The Andes

P. Mateo, Dr. Acosta and Master Graduate

Sincerely in Christ,

Doc Bearss

Dean of Academics, SRL Seminary

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