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2018 September Newsletter


We thank God for these dedicated brothers and sisters who, under the will and grace of God, will serve this mission which has already fourteen branches in different countries. Please pray for God’s guidance and blessings upon them. From left to right, Rev. Ken Bruce, Secretary Debbie Johnson, President Michael Delarm, Treasurer Edward Sutherland, Dr. Don Galardi, Pastor Gary Carter, Co-founder Mimi Acosta, Rev. Walter Eriksen, Founder Dr. Noé S. Acosta and Vice- President William Greendyk.


I am grateful to God for this opportunity to serve as the SRL Board President. It is a position of leadership in a mission God has been using mightily to bring the principles and doctrines of the Reformation to an entire continent. I have had the privilege to serve as an SRL consultant and as a professor. By God’s mercy I have visited several campuses on the field and have established strong relationships with most of SRL’s national branch coordinators. These men provide the administrative infrastructure of SRL and represent the future of the seminary on the field. Last year in a three-day retreat in Medellin, I addressed all of these leaders and, in my charge to them, I strongly emphasized their responsibilities to the new generation of pastors, to SRL contributors and to God.

At the board meeting last month, Dr. James Bearss, Academic Dean, presented a report with the name of each branch coordinator, as well as those SRL graduates who now are serving as pastors or ministers of the Gospel. The report also identifies current students at each branch and in the virtual programs.

As a businessman, I have come to recognize that the unique approach of SRL offers the best investment of time and resources devoted to the furtherance of the kingdom of God. Hundreds of nationals, who already speak the language and know the culture, are properly educated and trained for the ministry. Over seventy well respected pastors and professors from many nations donate their time teaching at the various seminary locations. As a result, thousands of people are getting the true gospel and hundreds of churches are being planted. It is actually with trepidation and profound respect that I accept this call. Please pray that God will keep me and all of us at SRL faithful in our calling to serve.

One great challenge is obtaining the funds needed to run this ministry.

We also welcome Brother Robert Haley who has agreed to help SRL by letting Christians and churches know about this ministry, and to request prayers and financial help. If he contacts you, please receive him as a Brother and encourage him.

Sincerely in Christ,

Michael Delarm, SRL Board President

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