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2018 June Newsletter


I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7

Pastor Jaime Leal, from Santa Marta, Colombia was one of the first pastors who, over 16 years ago, labored with GTC, now SRL. He is a hero in God’s kingdom. With the encouragement and help of GTC, Pastor Leal led his congregation out of an apostate church into a sound biblical reformed church at the cost of losing the church building and his home. God provided through GTC the opportunity to purchase the same building, a home for his family and support for several years. Pastor Leal, full of compassion, initiated a rescue project for children who lost their parents during the horrible years of violence or were displaced to Santa Marta. Under his leadership, GTC and Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia built Hogar Providencia in Santa Marta, where pastor Leal sacrificially poured a great part of his life, serving, educating and evangelizing those children. The majority of those children are Chimila Indians. He used this opportunity to visit their tribe and plant a church in the Snow Mountains region. He also engaged helpers to do Bible translation into their native language. The SRL Seminary family honors this HERO OF THE FAITH and shares love and prayers for his dear wife, Ester, and his two children, Isaias y Mateo.


Pastor Alex Brown from Golden Isles Presbyterian Church, GA wrote, It was truly a privilege to teach at SRL in Medellin this past week. The hunger for knowledge was palpable among the students, and their ability to maintain concentration during an intensive week of class gave testimony to their desire to know the Scriptures better, and, thereby, know God better. SRL is truly an impressive organization that God is clearly using to equip the growing Reformed Church throughout Latin America. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to teach there and I look forward to returning in the future!

Pastor David Theobald, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Dansville, NY, going to Medellin now, after returning from his last teaching assignment in Santa Marta, reported that about 60 attended his classes from 16 different churches. He wrote: It seemed that some were hearing these doctrines for the first time. These are hard to accept when you hear them for the first time. Nevertheless, people were very open, receptive, and vocally thankful for the teaching. I was swarmed after each session by people who wanted to express their thanks and/or discuss the topic further. One common theme that emerged is that a lot of people who are now interested in reformed doctrine are those coming out of Pentecostalism and Prosperity backgrounds. Our church can hardly conceive of a more strategic ministry to support, both by our giving and our going.

Pastor Jack Jenkins from Faith Baptist Church of Orlando will be teaching Biblical Counseling at SRL in Fusagasugá, Colombia, during the month of June. Pastor Jenkins is the Director of SRL Orlando campus and professor at this branch. We are grateful to Faith Baptist congregation for graciously allowing SRL to operate in the church building without cost and for sending their pastor to South America. Please pray for Pastor Jenkins on his first missionary trip to Colombia.

Professor Alejandro Castiblanco just came back from SRL graduations in San Pedro, now he will be traveling on June 15 to Cuba to officially open the SRL and teach the first course. On July 15, he will be traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico, to open SRL in that city and teach the first course. He is the Director of SRL Medellin Campus and the Director of the Virtual Program under the Direction of President Dr. Benitez and Dean Dr. Bearss.

Pastor Javier Martínez will be traveling this June to teach at the SRL Venezuela branches. Pastor Martinez is an experienced theologian, who has taught several times in different cities. Please pray for professor Martínez as he travels to the most dangerous country in S.A.

We are grateful to Pastor Joshua Wallnofer for the many times he has provided instruction to SRL students in South America. Please pray for Pastor Wallnofer for his success and safety as he returns this month.

Dr. Thomas Ascol, after teaching at SRL in South America, will be teaching for the first time at SRL Orlando. We are pleased to invite as many people who would like to audit for free his magnificent Pastoral Theology module on July 19 to 21, 2018. Classes will take place in the evenings of Thursday and Friday, 5 to 8:30 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. If the participants want to do the required work, they may apply for credits.

Please pray for Dr. John Van Schepen who will be teaching this month at SRL- Bolivia.

Dr. James Bearss, SRL Dean just returned from a May teaching assignment in Colombia and is now preparing to travel to Haiti and later on to SRL in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Thank you for the excellent job of coordinating professors, curriculum and programs. Dr. Bearss is compelled by 2Tim. 2:2 which he sees daily in SRL Seminary.


SRL is looking for qualified visiting professors to teach one week in several branches in Latin America. Teaching is in English with simultaneous translation. Please share this information with your pastor. Please help us to maintain this blessing ministry with your faithful MONTHLY contributions. You see that real professors are teaching in real places in so many real countries. Your contributions are used on the mission field to expand this magnificent gospel news to the glory of God. Trusting that God will move more Christians to participate, please share this ministry with others.

Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL President


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